words from friends: kitchen showstopper

Nick and I are still vacationing in Boston, so I asked some of my lovely blogger friends if they would share some of their projects with you. I'm so thrilled to introduce you to Michelle, from Decor and the Dog! Michelle's kitchen is absolutely drool worthy, and I'm hoping ours turns out half as gorgeous as hers (if we ever finish it).


Hi Flipping Couple readers!  My name is Michelle from Decor and the Dog.  I blog about “fixing up” our new construction house, our adorable Wire Fox Terrier, and other daily ramblings.

I was pretty excited when Cindy asked if I was interested in guest posting…of course I was interested!  She told me to blog about anything.  I’m a pretty indecisive person but beings Cindy and Nick are currently in the middle of their kitchen remodel, I decided to share with you all our favorite things in our kitchen.  And by our favorite things, I really mean my husbands favorite things…because I don’t cook.  Michelle + cooking = giant disaster.  Ask around.  It’s true.

To start, here’s our kitchen….

First up on our favorite things list is our bead board island.  Who knew something as simple as bead board could transform a room?…

The island not only looks pretty but it is very functional for housing the sink, dishwasher, and garbage can…and those stools are a pretty good spot to watch your husband cook supper…

Next on our favorite things list is our pantry…

When we were designing our home, this space was originally going to be a support structure..luckily someone was thinking (eh hem, me) and decided that it would be a perfect place for a pantry.  Our kitchen has a lot of storage but not enough to hold all of this stuff!  I don’t like to cook but I get nervous when we don’t have food in our house.  Seriously.  Makes me all anxious.

Next up is our fridge…

We love how much room the French door style fridge and freezer has (in comparison to our previous side-by-side)…

To take advantage of every inch of kitchen space, we decided on a lazy Susan…

We both wanted a hood…only for looks.  Ours is pretty loud…but still pretty…and let’s add those granite counters to our list.  What I love the most about the granite is that you can place hot pans right on them…no more searching for a hot pad!  They are also very easy to clean.

When you place a hood above the stove, where do you put the microwave?  We decided on a microwave/stove combo unit.  We like that the microwave isn’t way above our heads…makes cleaning easy!

There you have it!  Our favorite features of our kitchen!

What’s on your favorite things in a kitchen list??


  1. Love your Kitchen. The white cabinets with the darker counter tops really make it stand out.

    My favorite things in a Kitchen would be the appliances [my dream is a large gas stove] and lots of light!

  2. It's a gorgeous kitchen! That beadboard gives you some kinda bang for the buck. :)

  3. that kitchen is just awesome!!! love the beadboard! love the whole house really. :)

  4. I really like the microwave above the oven. I wouldn't have a need for a traditional "double oven", so this is a great alternative while still allowing for the decorative hood above the stove. Love it!

  5. This is pretty much my dream kitchen - white cabinets, beautiful black granite and gorgeous stainless steel appliances.

  6. My favorite feature of our current kitchen is...the food. Made by my husband while I watch (but not on a stool--must get one of those). But a pantry and lazy susan would be wonderful to have!

  7. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I love the sign over your pantry. In case your blood sugar gets low and you can't remember where the food is stored you'll have a big reminder. Love the bead board look too. It doesn't look too cottagey (not a word, I know) to me which is not a look I'm going for. I think I'm inspired to give it a shot in my kitchen.

  8. These are excellent ideas for my "someday" kitchen :)

  9. i second the microwave above the oven thing. i like.

  10. Cindy- Thanks for the guest post opportunity!!

    Nice readers- Thanks for the super nice comments!!!!

  11. It is a gorgeous kitchen. Much like the rest of their beautiful house!

  12. Michelle - Thanks again for sharing your beautiful kitchen with us!!! I hope ours is half that amazing when(ever) it's done! : )

    And Carol, I absolutely agree. Their entire house is stunning!