how to wear out hyperactive dogs

Our dogs have a lot of energy. That could basically run circles around us all day, everyday, and still wonder why we have to go to bed at night.

They wake up between 4 and 5 am every morning and are pretty convinced that breakfast needs to be served RIGHT NOW! We're up at 4:30 during the week, but dude, on weekends? I'd like to sleep in until at least 7. Seriously, dogs.

Well, this weekend I think we found our magic solution.


We took the pups for a 6 mile run on Sunday, and I think that's our ticket to tired, sleepy puppies. They both slept straight through the night....all the way until 7:30 Monday morning. TOTAL WIN.

See? Before:

Yes, our dogs are horrendously awful at walking on their leashes.
They're much MUCH better when a) running or b) not on a leash.
(Seriously. Beemer heels perfectly off-leash)


So what we learned from this is running + hyperactive dogs = happy doggie parents.

(Hopefully we also learned that camera phone + night = crappy pictures, but no promises on that one)

Anybody else have hyperactive dogs? How do you keep them happy without running yourself ragged?


  1. Our new doggie is pretty chill and lazy! We took him on a mile walk Saturday and it wore him out so much that he went in his kennel on his own! Granted, it was his first walk ever and 3 weeks ago he had never been on a leash. Maybe he will come around! :)

  2. We can only wear out our dog two ways: taking him on bike rides and training him to do silly tricks. We have a Walky Dog Bike Attachment which works great for the bike rides. For the dog training, we use 101 Dog Tricks.

  3. haha.... that would take me down for the count, too!

  4. They are so cute.. Well, at least they keep you fit :D

  5. We have a Chocolate lab and running is the best exercise to tire her out. A tired dog is a HAPPY dog :)

  6. Oh they are so adorable!! Really like your blog and am glad that I found it!!

  7. We took our pup to the cottage for 10 7 days. She spent the week on the shoreline chasing frogs. When we got home, we thought there was something wrong with her. She slept for about 48 hours straight. Now, she's got all her energy back and doesn't go to sleep until 1:30. Bah.

    Also. You get up at 4:30 in the morning? And I thought my 6 (6:10... 6:22... 6:30... 6:35...) wake-up time was bad... ;)

  8. Emily - that is fantastic! Chill dogs are great. Not that I would know, but they sure sound great. : )

    Lisa - we've never tried biking with them. It scares me a little bit, but I'm sure it would be GREAT exercise for them!

    Alicia - so glad you found us!!

    Nette - true story, it's easier for me to get up at 4:30 than at 6. I have no idea why, but it means I can hit the gym before work, so I'm all for it!

  9. This sounds exactly like our dog Wally - an Australian Cattle Dog mix:


    He also gets up early - 1st demanding to be fed. 3 seconds later when he's done it's time to run out to "his" yard to chase away squirrels.

    And he looks the same as your dogs when on leash. The best thing for him is to play his crazy energy away - play dates w/ other dogs, the dog park (as long as there are no aggressive dogs there that cause us to leave early) and visits from my 8 & 10 year-old step kids (which has the bonus of tiring them out too) all work great. We just stopped taking him to doggie daycare, but that left him exhausted too.

  10. Well, we definitely don't take ours on 6-mile runs! haha... I'd never make it! They do a decent job of wearing each other out by running around the backyard, but we try to take them on regular walks too (haven't been very good about that lately though).

    Have you ever tried using gentle leaders instead of regular collars? We've found them extremely helpful in reducing the amount of pulling from the dogs.

    Our dogs never let us sleep in either. It's like having kids or something! ;)

  11. Our dogs are low energy..we feel very lucky for that. Friends however have high energy dogs they use treadmills to tire their dogs out because our weather isn't always so great.