Real questions we've gotten recently about life, our fast-approaching half marathon and the never-ending house project.

Why have you been so bad about blogging?
Yeah, so, there's that. It's one of "those" stretches of weeks where I just cannot get on top of the ever-growing to-do list. Plus we've had exceptionally gorgeous weather lately, and I love ya'll, but I know that another horrible Minnesota winter is coming quickly so I'm soaking up as much sunshine as I can while it lasts. That and half marathon training has been taking what little energy I have left over AND SQUASHING IT COMPLETELY.

Example of squashed energy.
Not productive, but makes for a super cute photo ops.

I didn't know you liked running! How's training going?
Funny you should mention that. I don't actually like running, but Nick and I decided last year that we wanted to run the Monster Dash this year, and, well, here we are. Training is going pretty well, but squeezing a long run (usually 9-11 miles) into the weekend has proven to be a lot harder then we thought it would be. It's definitely impacted our work on the house and our overall energy levels, so while I'm excited for the race, I'm even more excited to be done with the crazy-long runs. I've also been experiencing some rather significant posterior shin splints, (plus hip pain) so running is actually quite painful. Super fun, right? But honestly, it is exciting because I've never been a runner but I've always wanted to be able to run. I ran the first full mile of my adult life last Fall and now I'm headed towards a half marathon! It's exciting, just really draining. And painful.

After our 7k in March. Racing is addicting.

Are you done with the house yet?
Next question.

(Side note: this is the most popular question from everyone we know right now. Super fun to answer that one every day.)

When are you going to be done with the house?
Nick has been saying he wants to have it done by New Years Eve since, well, last New Years Eve. Keep you fingers and toes crossed that it doesn't snow (much) between now and then so we don't lose too many weekends of work. (Nick gets called in to work if it snows. And we live in Minnesota, so that happens A LOT.) Honestly, we're hoping to pick up the pace quite a bit once the race is over and we can re-dedicate our full weekends to the house. Except then we'll have nothing to blame for our lack of progress. Dang it.

Do you wish you hadn't started this project?
No. It's been a really long and drug out process, thanks to an over-packed Spring and Summer. I'm sick of having the entire main level torn apart and making it impossible to have the house look put together, BUT we're both 100% convinced this was a project worth taking on. We love the new layout of the rooms and we're really excited to put the kitchen back together and see how it all works. It's been difficult and draining but we already know it was worth it. Plus, we'll have insulation this winter, which was the reason we started this process in the first place!

I'm really looking forward to NOT having all of our furniture 
shoved into a corner of the living room.

So there's the quick update on 5 questions we hear all the time. If you've got a burning question we didn't answer leave us a note! We're always happy to provide the juicy details on our super exciting life.


  1. If you're having problems with shin splints, double-check to make sure you've got the right shoes. I know I wear out the rear outer corners of my shoes ridiculously quickly, so I need to get shoes with a very hard compound on the outer half of the sole.

  2. Oh, running. I stopped 2 weeks ago. Bad. But I no longer feel like I am 87. And I'm no longer an Ibuprofen addict. I'm kind of digging it. I will run again. Maybe. I'm super impressed with your will power. Hope the race goes well!!!

  3. My sister is running the same race! I'll be cheering you both on as well! I hope you'll be able to slow down a bit once the race is over!

  4. Wow, you guys are rockstars! I really think it's amazing how much you have done with your house with having 2 full-time jobs, 2 dogs, and keeping up with friends and hobbies. =) So, keep up the good work! And, good luck on your 1/2 marathon!

  5. Nick - I've had other people mention the same thing about the shoes. I think after this race I'm going to head in to the running store again and see if we can find something that will help. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm so new to this running thing that I'm not sure where to start.

    Decorandthedog - YES. That's exactly it. After I run I feel like I'm 87 and/or 9 months pregnant. Neither of which are particular comfortable. I mean, from what I've heard. I haven't actually experienced either one.

    Ashley - Are you going to be at the Monster Dash?? Your sister is probably going to finish 2 hours before me. She's actually good at this running thing.

    Mikalah - you're so sweet! I feel like we've been failing at keeping up with friends (HI! Apple orchard date?!?!). We miss you guys!!

  6. You guys are awesome! Hope the Monster Dash goes great for you. I think it's totally inspiring that you two are doing this together and have come so far with running.

  7. You guys are going to have so much fun doing the half! Although after training for some race or another since March, I can totally understand what you mean about being more than ready to take some time off! :)

  8. i admire you!! you might feel like you have no energy, but i always read your posts and wonder HOW you have soooo much energy!! i recently started running...maybe 10 weeks ago now? like you, i was never ever a runner and could barely run a mile. i am up to 2 now and i can't hardly believe it.

    Good luck!!

  9. I enjoyed reading your answers - and, renos are never done!!

  10. good luck on your race! sounds like fun. and... ice, ice, ice. and get lots of massages.