random thoughts with cindy

Happy Friday, friends! I don't know about you, but I am definitely ready for the weekend. It's snowing right now, which I'm hoping stops in time for Nick to come home for a dinner date with friends. As much as I don't really like snow, I'm really just thankful we're above zero (fin.a.lly). We spent a good chunk of the week hanging around -25 degree windchills. Negative. Twenty. Five. I have completely run out of good reasons to live in this state.

Although, there is snow golf to entertain the dogs. Good move, MN.

In related news, there were ridiculously cheap flights to Seattle again this week. It took everything in me not to book another trip for next week.

After a bout of doggie-flu last week, both hounds are healthy again! We spent the better part of a week getting up 2-4 times a night with sick puppies, so we're happy everybody is sleeping through the night. Well, except me. I don't make a habit of sleeping through the night. After talking about it for a while we decided to go ahead and switch up the pup's food once they were healthy. I want to have them on it a while longer before I talk about it, but so far we're liking the change.

Shalai also likes dragging her towel onto the bed, apparently?

I know it's been quiet on the blog-front lately, but it's also been quiet on the house-improvement front. We're finally getting back into it, as represented by the fact that our basement is currently a shelf-making workshop. If we can just get the snow not to ruin our weekend plans we should have some new shelves in the kitchen soon.

I bought a new duvet cover from West Elm that I'm really excited about. Naturally, buying a new duvet cover means we need a new rug. And curtains. And a new wall color. And a bed. So much for an inexpensive duvet cover.

My favorite candle in the whole wide world is Yankee Candle's Autumn Wreath. I love it deeply and dearly and burn it all Fall. I saw the car-scent version on clearance the other day so I picked it up. While it smells better than the scent my car was sporting (Wet Dog/Banana Peel, for those who are interested), I realized that is a scent that is so much better as a candle than a car air freshener. I'm back on the hunt for something a little lighter. Suggestions welcome!

Happy weekend, friends. May your weekends be warm and full of family and fuzzy critters.