It's been really cold so far in Minnesota. Like, 24-degrees-below-zero kind of cold. Like, we're all tempted to run around in t-shirts if it hits 20 degrees (above zero) kind of cold. 

I leave the house in the dark, I come home in the dark. My world is severely lacking in sunshine and fresh air. And so I've found my soul craving things that are beautiful. 

The other night I was finishing a project later than I wanted to be and I hadn't gotten around to dusting the piano or mopping the floors like I'd planned and just as I reached to turn off the dining room light and head upstairs to bed...I stopped. I looked at our dining room, which we had torn down to the studs and rebuilt, and I loved it. In that moment, it was so beautiful.

Even without sunlight streaming in the windows and with frost outside and cold air leaking through 80+ year old windows. Even with dog hair on the floors and our winter jackets thrown across chairs and a random wedding photo on the window bench. I stopped and snapped a picture, because my heart felt so full.

In a season where we're all missing sunlight and fighting our way through chaotic schedules, I hope you find moments to see the beautiful in your life. Whether a single candle flickering or a photo of your puppy or a smile from your kiddo or a text from your Mom or a dining room you tore down to the studs, I hope there's an abundance of beauty in your every day. 

ps it's harder to spot dog hair in candlelight. #themoreyouknow


  1. I love this post....like LOVE this post. I kinda felt this way when I was trying to get my Christmas tour done for the blog. I was fretting about details and worrying about getting the right light for photographs, and then one morning when I went out into our great room that we completely transformed from when we bought the house, I paused. I took pictures even though they weren't going to be "perfect"...because that was the moment that I wanted to show in my tour. Like you said...my heart felt full. We had come such a long way in making our house ours and the right home for us. I wanted to show the warm and fuzzy feeling and let people know that those times mean more than the "perfect" ones. Thanks for posting this reminder, friend! :)

  2. I love you. Seriously, you are awesome and I loved the gentle reminder to see the beauty in life. It's too easy to let it pass by.