deep breath and here we go!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly did. Hard and different and wonderful all at the same time. We're blessed beyond anything I could ever imagine.

I will also say that celebrating Christmas with our sweet little niece is so, so fun. Oh, to see the world through the eyes of a 1.5 year old.

Nick and I have both taken some extra time off work this year. We really needed time to just be together and press the slow-motion button on life.

We've been traipsing through the snow with two cabin-fever-striken puppies, going out for breakfast, sleeping in, reading books and tearing apart the office. I hope you're spending some extra time doing the things you love, too.

Today I'm taking a couple extra breaths and getting ready to dive into 2014. I'm so excited for what this year will hold, both what we know and what we don't. Life is a pretty amazing thing, even when it looks so different than what we had ever dreamed.

Bring it, 2014.

Right after the gym. Pretend I washed my hair and put on make-up, 'k?

Oops! Tore into another room. We should probably fix that before our dinner party tonight.

Puppies do not love cold. Puppies DO love 40* snowy days when we run and play fetch.


  1. Ahhh, look at those furry faces. (The dogs, just so we're clear.) How cute are they! Hope your 2014 is fab and I hope it includes a visit from Kim and I.

  2. You guys are the cutest!! I am happy to hear you are taking time for you guys. We all should be able to do that, and just enjoy and be thankful! Too bad I didn't live closer...I'd totally start 2014 off with helping you paint your trim. ;) Happy New Year, friend! :)

  3. Happy 2014, friend! So glad you and Nick get to spend some quality time together. You totally deserve it.

  4. Sometimes you just need a little time together. It's nice you got to take it around the holidays too! I know we needed it this year too. Happy New year!

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