march goals

I think my mail goal for March is to enjoy warmer temperatures, but that one is a bit out of my control. I am, though, holding out hope that warmer days are ahead of us and I'm determined to be as optimistic as possible. I'll also be ready to escape outdoors as soon as it's non-life threatening. 

Anyway. In the realm of things more under my control than the weather, here are some goals for March!

1. Shop around for insurance. Our home owner's/auto insurance has sky rocketed in the last few years. We've been happy with the coverage, but I think the pricing is no longer competitive. I've heard that Minnesota had the highest insurance losses in the country last year, which would explain an increase. My goal for the month is to find out if our policy is priced competitively and to switch providers if we find a better option. If you have an insurance company you love, let me know!

2. Set up our external hard drives. We bought our first Mac this Fall and I have yet to set up our external hard drives, which means there are thousands of photos stored on my SD card, which means it takes forever to download photos from our DSLR which means I haven't been using the DSLR. This is simply a case of fear of the unknown. I don't know if our drives will work with the Mac and I haven't taken the time to find out. It's time to find out. 

3. Read 2 books. Two books seems to be the sweet spot for me in a month. I know it's boring to have the same goal every month, but keeping it on my goal lists keeps me focused on reading, which I'm loving. 

4. Make 1 Craigslist sale. We have a couple large-ticket items that we need to sell on the ol' Craigslist. We've been putting this off for a long time, but I'm tired of storing things we're not using and we'd like to add the cash to our car replacement fund. If we can sell one item in March, I'll be happy!

There you have it. Four not-so-exciting goals for the month. I'm excited to get this stuff done, though. It's time to check these off the list and free up some mental (and physical) space. 

What are your goals for March? Do you have an insurance company you love?


  1. Great goals - totally doable!

    I just shopped around for house/auto/umbrella policies and it was enlightening (and a pain in the butt to get all the info). It was good to do it because there were a few things we were overpaying for. I went back to my agent and he's working up a new quote for us. Knowledge is power, baby.

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  3. Craigslist is awesome and terrifying. I have a rug to sell but have to wait until Nate is home! Good luck! I need to check out your book reads!

  4. What are you selling on craigslist? I'm in the market for a low-ish dresser I can paint white. :)

  5. my march goals are derived from your february goals (thanks for the inspiration!). they are put down the phone (baby already helps with this but i can still use improvement), read (not 3 books, but just read, even 3 pages will do at this point :]), and exfoliate. at least 100 things. mostly in the clothes department. i have an obsurd amount of clothes and have been needing to get rid of a lot. i have started on this and some cabinets & closets of other things and in 2 days i'm up to 60+ not including al's clothing that i made him go thru too! hoping to blow that 100 out of the water and feel lighter and more organized!! loving these goals posts; you're rocking them!! keep it up!

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