weekend things

I'm so thankful the snow is finally melting and it appears Spring might actually be around the corner. I know it started yesterday and all, but we're looking at highs in the 20s this weekend, so it's hard to call that Spring at this point. 

Still, any sort of warmer weather means more time outside for the dogs and that means much happier puppies (and puppy parents).

Melting snow also means our patio has made a re-appearance and I'm more excited to use it than ever! We still need to find the right patio furniture, but I did some scouting which you can see on my latest Houzz ideabook. Now, if only my budget were as big as my ideas…

In reality, I'm working on convincing Nick to build this table, thanks to Michelle at Decor and the Dog.   I'm still on the lookout for some chairs.

I'm mulling over my review of Lean In, but this one is so good I almost wonder why I'm trying to write one.

If you happen to find yourself looking for a grain-free chocolate chip cookie, this one knocks it out of the park. Seriously. So good.  

I hope your weekend is filled with time outside and cookies and that you make the time to hug someone you love. That's basically what our weekend looks like (plus some car repairs, because, you know, life). 


  1. Have a great weekend! Come. On. Spring!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I cannot even imagine how stir crazy my pups would be if our winters were as long...Yay for spring and being able to walk those cute fur-babies! =-)

  3. Happy weekend, friend. Hope you had some nice weather. Thank goodness for sunshine.

  4. I've been SO very thankful for the sunshine lately too! Also, that patio table is FANTASTIC. I'm dreaming of making a similar table for our future dining room...

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