march recap & april goals

Since I'm already a bit behind, let's just mash these into one post, shall we?

First, let's recap March and see how we did.

1. Shop around for insurance. In process. I did start getting quotes, and unfortunately, it appears we're paying a fair market rate. We're still weighing some pros and cons to decide if we'll stay with our current provider or switch, but there won't be any huge savings either way. Bummer. 

2. Set up our external hard drives. Also in process. The good news is that our drives work with the Mac without any reformatting work. The bad news is my camera battery keeps dying mid-download, so I'm still working on getting everything up to date. 

3. Read 2 books. Done! I finished Lean In (have I mentioned how much I loved this book?!), Who Moved the Cheese and Radical. 

4. Make 1 Craigslist sale. Nope. I'm blaming this one on the fact that Nick was 
gone for a chunk of the month (we firmly believe in 2 person Craigslist exchanges) and the ridiculously cold temperatures. I'm putting this one on the goal list for April because I really do want to make it happen!


1. Get outside. We survived the worst winter ever (we got 6" of snow last week. IN APRIL). With temperatures finally above freezing (mostly) I want to be outside as much as I possibly can. It's so good for me, and the dogs are loving it, too. I'm making an extra effort to get out there, even when there's a long to-do list inside. 

2. Brush the dogs. With the change of seasons comes dog hair. Even more dog hair than usual. I want to try brushing the dogs every(isn) day in April to see how much of an impact it has. Even if it's only for a couple minutes it'll be something. 

3. Be gentle with yourself. Spring is tough. I love it so much, because it feels like everything comes back to life, but it's also an insane time of year. I know I'm not the only one struggling to keep up! There's a lot of awesome going on, but there's just a lot going on. I need to give myself a little breathing room to be kind to me and keep me sane. Sometimes, that might mean I don't get as much done as I'd like, and that needs to be ok. 

4. Read a book. Just one. Just enough to keep me in the habit. I picked up a couple new ones at Half Price Books and I'm excited to tear into them. And then! Our new library opens at the beginning of May!! We'll have a library in our neighborhood instead of 15 minutes away. I'm really excited about that!

5. Make a sale on Craigslist. Since we weren't successful with this one last month it's showing up again here. We NEED to get our previous stove out of the garage! It's taking up previous space and stressing me out. (Anyone need an electric stainless steel range??) We also have a bike to sell. It's time!

There you have it. Nothing terribly exciting, but that's ok right now. I just needed to keep moving forward! What are your goals for April?


  1. I really want to read Lean In (maybe I said that last time you posted about it?) Still on my list.
    I have FOUR items on CL this weekend. Hopefully, fingers crossed, all four will be sold. Good luck with your sale!

  2. I badly need to deal with dog hair in our house, too. And seriously - snow in April? This is getting ridiculous.

  3. Love #3!!!! I think we all need that in our lives. ;)

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