You guys. It's June. May felt a bit like a race to the finish and I'm honestly just thrilled we made it through the month with some level of sanity still intact. It was a month full of wonderful opportunities and travel and family and a new job (Nick) and I'm quite pleased that we came out with our heads above water.

June promises to be nearly as full and I'm ready for it. With a little sunshine and time outdoors it feels like I can take on anything. Which is good, because here are my goals for June:

Complete the MS150. For the second year in a row, Nick and I are riding the MS150. We bike 150 miles over the course of 2 days, all to raise funds and awareness for the MS Society. Last year we were so inspired by our teammates riding with MS and came back really wanting to stand with them and their fight against MS. The cause became even more personal when one of my dear college friends was diagnosed with MS this year. I'm riding with her on my heart. If you're interested, we would absolutely love your support with our fundraising efforts. This is something we're passionate about, because the research and programs funded through these events is changing the lives of people we love. (You can also pray it does not storm on Saturday. That would be equally appreciated!)

Read two books. I am loving this reading adventure. I'm definitely reading more this year than I have in years past and I have a little stack of books growing on my night stand. It feels really, really good. I've been bringing my books out onto the patio for early morning and late evening moments. I flip pages between tossing sticks for the dogs to chase. My favorite read last month was Getting to 50/50. If you are, or want to be, a dual career couple I cannot recommend that book enough.

Scrub one thing every day. We do a lot of surface cleaning 'round these parts. We vacuum almost every single day. We do a lot of dishes and wiping off counter tops and dusting the piano. We don't do a lot of deep cleaning or scrubbing and it's really starting to bug me. But, I haven't been able to dedicate any large chunk of time to a deep clean. So in June, my goal is to scrub one thing every day. So far, I've been scrubbing the dog. Spring showers equal muddy paws. And bellies. And tails.

Sell the stove. Oh look! Somehow this goal managed to make it on for 3 months running, and that doesn't even count the month I failed to write up any goals. It's time to sell this thing. Somebody hold me to it! Why am I so scared of Craigslist?? (Please don't answer that with links to scary articles, 'k?)

What's on your list for June? Anyone else just happy we made it through May?


  1. I can't believe its June! Wasn't if January yesterday? I got goals for this month, too! I really want to finish our kitchen remodel before my sister comes to visit the end of the month. And then I would like to start finishing the floor trim. That hasn't been done. In 2 years. So don't feel bad about your three month stove stall!


  2. How is it June? At least it's warm, right? Good luck with the MS150. You all are good people!

  3. Sounds like you guys have lots of exciting stuff going on! I love biking, we're hoping to do lots of it this Summer because we bought a bike trailer for Evie. =) And I feel the same way about Craigslist! I'm always hesitant to try it. My mom just sold their chaise lounge though for $125, so it's always worth a shot! Josh sells stuff on Craigslist a lot and we've always had really nice, ordinary people who buy stuff from us.

    1. Ugh, that was me (Mikalah) not Josh, Firefox is being stupid and won't let me sign in to Google...

  4. Good luck with the MS150! I can't imagine how much better it feels to be riding with a specific person on your heart.

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